Sunday, October 21, 2012

Super Saturday November 3rd 8AM-Noon

Super Saturday!!!
Saturday, November 3rd
Location: Our Church

That time of year has come around to have our annual Super Saturday. Your not going to want to miss this event. Please come even if you are not making anything for yourself.

 We need you to help with:
 The humanitarian
Make 2 FREE Ornaments
Make other people projects that can't come
Eat Cinnamon Rolls
And bring any projects from home like scrapbooking, clothes mending or any other project to work on during our activity.

Please pass this post on to friends or families to join in on the fun. You or We can make them for them if they can not attend.

Help Sign Up
Attention Sisters!!!!
If this Activity is going to be successful, then we need participation.
Please sign up to help with some of our crafts. Simply leave a comment or contact Shauna Lainhart 208-357-4897 or email
If you can I would like your help for 2 hours either 8-10 AM or 10-Noon…if that is too long just specify what time you can donate !!!!
Also, anyone willing to lend us your sewing machine for the day would be appreciated!!!

All checks or money can be given to Shauna Lainhart. The only two projects that have to be paid in advance are the frosted Jar and the Build a Word Letter Blocks. I need the money by Sunday October 28th on the vinyl projects. We have to order the Vinyl a week ahead. Let me know if you have any questions!!!

Here are some of our featured items

Frosted Jar
Price ~ $4 or $3.50 if you bring your own quart Jar
Time~ 10-20 min.
Vinyl Options : Black and Red, but you can choose any color and pick from any of they vinyl : Count Your Blessings, Give Thanks, Joy and Ho Ho Ho

Crayon Roll Up
Price ~ $2.50 (includes Crayons) or .75 cents if bringing material
Time~ 30 min
Sewing Skills~ Beginner
We will have a variety of Boy/ Girl/ Neutral material to complete project

Little Guy Bowtie, Tie and Onesie Tie
Price ~ Bowtie and Tie $2.50/ or .50 if you bring material
Onesie Tie $3/ or .50 if you bring onesie or shirt
Time~ 20-30 minutes
Size~ Bowtie ~ only one size~ Fits newborn-2 years
Tie~ Small 1~3 yrs Med 4~7 yrs Lg 8~10yrs
Onesie Tie ~ 0-3 mos 3-6 mos 6-9 mos

Temple Bracelet
Price ~ $2.50
Time~ 20 min
Bead Type :

Pearl or Crystal
This is a great gift for You or someone you know that loves to attend the temple. The Claw Clip on the bracelet is for you to clip your pink Temple name so you don’t have to pin it to your shirt. These bracelets can be customized to be smaller or larger!

Small Scripture Bag
Price ~ $3.50 or Free if bringing own material
Time~ 1 hour
Sewing Skills~ beginner

We will have a variety of Boy/ Girl/ Neutral material to complete project
These cute bags fit a set of Quad Scripture plus enough room for other small pamphlets like for the Strength of Youth and such! Perfect Gift!!!

Adult Church/Hand Bag
Price ~ $4.50 or Free if bringing own material
Time~ 1 hour
Sewing Skills~ beginner

We will have a variety of Boy/ Girl/ Neutral material to complete project
These cute bags are tall and wide enough to fit Church Manuals, 3 Ring Binders and such for you to carry your church or personal items. Would make a great gift!!!

“Hands ” Hand Soap
Price ~ $1.75
Time~ 15 min
Accents include ~ Ribbon, Raffia and Berries

The inserts can be completely customized. They can have your Family name in it or any other wording you would like.

Glass Cake Platters
Price ~ $2 or .50 if you bring your own glass plate and cup
Time~ 10 min

This is a great idea Chris Peterson introduced us to. It is a great way to up cycle old glass plates/platters and glasses by simply gluing together the two item. You can even stack them!!!
I will be purchasing various glass pieces and it is first come first serve on what pieces you pick to put together.

Build A Word Letter Blocks
Price ~ $18
Time~ 1-1 ½ hours
Block Color : Black Font Color :White Block Size: 4x4x4 = 10 blocks total

10 different blocks can spell any/all of these words:

Harvest, Welcome, Faith, Family, Spooky, Friends, Winter, Freedom, Blessed , Snow, Home, Hope, Monster, Mother, Dream, Easter, Lucky, Love, Santa, Glory, Romance,
Love, Pumpkin, Frosty, School, Autumn, Spring, Summer, Father, Fall, Happy,
Merry, Fairy, Fairies ,Jolly, Flowers, Wishes, America

Note: You can bring your own paint in a different color. You can also choose a different color vinyl as well.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Fall Fever Craft Night

Join us for our Relief Society "Fall Fever Craft Night". It will be held Friday October 21st from 4 pm to 9 pm—come whatever time suits you best. Laurels you are invited! We will have the crafts you can make displayed in the Relief Society room until October 9th. There will be a order form for you to fill out with the crafts you would like to do. These along with the money for your craft will need to be handed in by October 10th so that we will have time to gather the supplies.
Bring your favorite soup, or crackers, or cheese balls, treats—whatever you’d like to share. There will be quilting, and a scrapbook table set up for women who would like to work on their projects.
Also we will have some sharing tables set up—so gather your like-new toys you no longer want, children’s clothes, holiday decorations, and outgrown Halloween costumes for other sisters to bring home to their families. Please bring your items to Caroline Peterson's or Nina Dutton's home before hand to be sorted before our event. Whatever isn’t taken the evening of our event will be donated to D.I. It will brighten someone’s holiday season.
We will have more detailed announcements the closer we get to the event.
Thanks so much! P.S. No nursery will be provided.

Project #1 Last Name Monogram Tile or Board

Vinyl size 10" x 10". It is made to fit a 12x12 board or tile.
Vinyl Color choices are: Black, White, Beige, or Brown
Vinyl is $8, a 12 x 12 board with a decorative routered edge can be purchased for an additional $4. Or your more than welcome to bring your own tile or board.
This is a perfect personalized Christmas, Wedding, or Home Gift. Please Print the name you want on the signup Sheet…We can gather the big letter from the last name. :)

Project #2 I’m Going There Someday Block

This is a great gift for your children and family! It's a wooden block with the picture of the temple that say's "I'm going there someday. I will be doing the Idaho Falls Temple, but if there is another temple you would like let me know so I can see if I can get it.
The cost is $4.00

Project #3 Name etching on your glass pan

Bring your glass pans from home and there we will put your name on the back of the pan.You'll have to let us know in advance what name you would like. These are great for Wedding and Christmas gifts!
The Cost is $1.25

Project #4 Humanitarian Car Puzzle

Our sweet Ann Severns has taken her time to paint these toy car puzzles...all we need to do is put them together. We will then donate them to a local charity!

Project #5 Ceramic Temple Statue

Still working on the details and cost of this one.

Project #6 "I Spy Bags"

“My eye spy bags” are perfect for keeping your children…or yourself…entertained on car rides, and so many other places! These great little bags work well for keeping your little ones quiet with relativley little noise!
Cost is $5.00

Project #7 Hair Clip Flowers

Cute, Cheap, and Easy! These little hair clips are made out of satin. You may have some fun buttons or brads, or extra satin at home that you would like to use or share, you're welcome to bring them! We will have a few color choices of satin. And we will provide the hair clips.
Cost is $.25 a piece.

Project #8 Church Lesson Folder

Perfect for Church, Car rides, and Family Home Evening with small children. Each folder has a packet behind it with the pieces for the activity.
Cost is $3.00 for each folder.

Project #9 Frankenstein/Pilgrim Flip Block

The first side is this super cute Frankenstein face...and the word "SPOOKY" with a little spider dangling down from a web.Then you flip Franky around and turn him upside down to make this fun little pilgrim. The bolts from Frankenstein's neck are actually part of the brim from the pilgrim's hat.
Kit includes:
unfinished wooden Pilgrim/Frankenstein head
unfinished wooden base
vinyl lettering "thanksgiving" and "spooky"(vinyl color choices: black, white, cream or chocolate brown)
cream vinyl buckle for pilgrim hat
black vinyl Frankenstein face
2 nails for pilgrims eyes
Price $13

Project #10 Pumpkin Trio

Kit Includes:
3 pre-assembled pumpkins,and vinyl choices (black, white, cream or chocolate brown)
(Ribbon is not included so you may bring some from home if you like. I used raffia)
Cost is $13.00

Project #11 Magnetic Christmas Countdown

This is a fun Christmas Countdown!
Kit Includes:11x11 board, 10x10 metal sheet, 4 Decorative nails, Christmas Magnet, Scrapbook Paper(If you have specific scrapbook paper you would like to use your welcome to bring it), and vinyl (black, white, brown or cream)(Does Not Include Stand)
Cost is $16.00

Project #12 Missionary Countdown Blocks

I just love these! Great for anyone with a missionary in the family! All you have to do is specify the Elder's or Sister's name, and the color of vinyl you would like. Vinyl Choices are white, Cream, Brown, or Black. We will have a few different paint color options. Also, if you don't have a missionary, this would also work for birthday, christmas, and other countdowns. If you are interested in doing something like that please contact Caroline Peterson. Cost is $20.00

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 7th, Personal History Night

On the 7th we had a Personal History Night: It was a wonderful evening learning how to do basic genealogy, how to put together your personal history through journals and records, how to take names to the temple, and how to preserve pictures and memories through digital scrapbooking and photo books.